About Me

I'm Scott.

Scott Rowland Gabriel Enock. I specialise in Javascript.

This website serves as a place for me to document the things I learn as a web developer.

Oh, you want more...

I turned 20 in June and am from England. It might seem young to some, but to me, it feels incredibly old. I suppose you could call me the real-life Benjamin Button. Before I die I want to make a big splash. Not necessarily a public one, but one, that when looking back, I could be proud of.

This website spawned from a glitch in the matrix that I experienced one day when stumbling upon Tania Rascia's website. It was beautiful, had great content, and was built using Gatsby. It wasn't until I continued reading that I saw she had been inspired by Derek Sivers. This might seem insignificant, but at the time I had just finished listening to Tim Ferris's podcast with Sivers. I was blown away by his story, and this coincidence inspired me.

Several distractions later, here is the result.

As you can see, when I say inspired, you should append heavily to the beginning of it! Tania Rascia's design was perfect, so, why fix something that ain't broke? Now, that's not to say you won't find differences. I'm sure that lurking behind these beautiful facades are two vastly different approaches.

What I'm Doing Now

Did I mention I like Derek Sivers? An idea he raised in the podcast I mentioned above is including a "what I'm doing now" page to let readers know just that. I think it was a wonderful Idea and so here it is!

  • Finishing off Transcribly! An invoice generator for transcriptions
  • Writing content over here and around the web.
  • Getting into game development.
  • Starting an exciting new project revolving around our elected officials!
  • Dipping my toes into open source.
  • Managing Pynch.

Where you can find me