Hello World: My New Gatsby Website

November 24th 2019/Share/Edit

Hi! Welcome to the new site!

First of all, if you haven't already, check out my about section so you know who the hell you're speaking with. If you've already done so then congratulations, you're making great headway!

This is going to be a short post, mainly to serve as the first flag in the sand, a marker that I can look upon later down the line and see how far I've come.

The Website

As I've mentioned before, I've taken quite a bit of inspiration from Tania Rascia's blog design. The layout and UI is very similar and that's because I don't like to reinvent a wheel.

Having said that, this website was built from scratch, mainly to give myself a thorough understanding of how Gatsby works... and because Tania wasn't kidding when she said her theme was heavily customised for herself.

The end result is what you see now. It looks similar, but the inner workings are likely different.

I've made my website open source for your inspiration, motivation, and curiosity. However, this theme is highly customized and personally tailored, and it would take more work to remove all my custom code than create your own. I encourage you to be creative and create your own theme, design, and content. ~ Tania Rascia

Open Sourcing

The matter of open source and how it relates to me is a hard question.

At the time of writing this, I have 33 repositories on Github, with only 3 of them being public.

In the current stage of my career the thought of open sourcing some of my works is scary. However, seeing the way the coding community can come together, solve problems, iterate, and create a superior product is something I will always admire.

This is why I'm taking my first step - granted a very small step - into open source with making the source code for this website publicly available.

This is particularly interesting for this project as it'll allow you guys to contribute to the content here by editing and making corrections to my posts.

My vision

I'm going to end off here with what I want to accomplish with this website.

First and foremost this is going to be a place for the tutorials I write up on subjects relating to web development. Recently I came across a quote that perfectly represents the need for websites like this.

A large part of a software developer’s time is spent searching the internet for answers to a never-ending stream of questions. Often, the answers we find are on blogs written by people who’ve been there, and found a solution. Isn’t it time you paid it forward? ~ Taylor Bell

As you can guess my answer is an obvious yes. It is time I gave back to the community, and it warms my heart whenever someone reaches out saying I've helped them.

I'll also be writing occasional posts about my life, the hobbies I'm consumed in, and anything else I think is of note.

Thank You Tania Rascia ❤️