How to use IFLASH/IFLASH2 and update bios on intel motherboards

March 25th 2021/Share/Edit

Recently purchased an Intel DH61WW LGA 1155 motherboard, however, the bios was very old and was locked to the Sandy Bridge processors. Updating from bios 0020 to 0120 made it so Ivy Bridge processors were compatible and also provided support for more modern GPUS.

How to setup and use Iflash to upgrade your bios

  1. Select FreeDOS from rufus' boot selection menu and select your USB drive.
  2. Press start and format the drive.
  3. Copy and paste IFLASH into the root directory of the USB along with your bios file (e.g.
  4. Eject the drive.
  5. Boot into the freeDOS usb.
  6. When the command prompt shows, issue the command IFLASH /PF xxx.BIO to begin the upgrade process.
  7. Remove the usb and confirm the bios has been upgraded.