American Beauty, A Masterpiece

January 2nd 2021/Share/Edit

A masterpiece so far

American Beauty is the best film I've watched so far.

The cinematography is excellent, and the story hits the mark for me on so many points. Drudgery of suburbia etc.

Highly recommend watching this film!


Here's one of the scenes tha stood out to me.

Notice how Lester and Angela walk towards eachother. I was expecting them to do the standard thing of the two actors being framed in both sides of the door.

Instead, Lester walks quicker, symbolising how he has been the one chasing Angela. The result is that they both occupy the same half of the door. It's intimate. It symbolising the sexual chemistry and the eventual act that involves the coming together of two people.

And this isn't the exception, the whole film is shot like this. It's really good.